Strategic Plan

Summaries of the Plan of Activities for 2018-2022:

The Sport, Health & Exercise Research Unit (SHERU) is an organization to promote research in Sports Sciences, Health Sciences and Well-being associated with Physical Activity, healthy lifestyles and exercise practice, which aims to continue to follow the main guidelines of research that gave is existence: child motricity; elderly; or adapted sport and exercise and health; its plan of activities is a multi-year work tool, based on assumptions and challenges, that establishes priorities that are embodied in its guidelines, for which we defined the main objectives and designed strategies to achieve these goals.

Based on the basics that research should not be static and considering that R & D activities should focus on quality and scientific relevance and require consideration of originality, consistency and rigor, as well as the relevance of results. Realizing that they should not only be limited to the sharing of data and publications, but also to the "opening" of the scientific process reinforcing the concept of scientific responsibility. Understanding open access to research data and results and innovation, with the aim of producing knowledge and concern for the return of knowledge produced to society, respecting intellectual property, in the defense of good practices and transparency. And by accepting the challenges of promoting advanced training, qualifying human resources, our own or others, expanding scientific production and enabling technological development and innovation. It establishes as priorities the development of initiatives that are based on the premises of internationalization, promoting research, exchange and mobility of researchers; advanced training through research and the scientific initiation of students; the organization of conferences, colloquia and seminars for the preservation, curatorship and dissemination of results; the promotion of the scientific and technological culture of actions of particular relevance to society and of partnerships with other R & D Units; participation in Associated Laboratories, and, finally, consulting, providing services or association with other institutions, public or private.

Define as guidelines:

  1. Internationalization
  2. Advanced Training and Scientific Initiation
  3. Scientific Production
  4. The Qualification of Human Resources
  5. Social Financing and Intervention

For these guidelines, objectives and strategies are defined aiming: the advantage of international contacts to establish new partnerships; strengthen the critical mass and rejuvenation of the researchers group; increase applied scientific production; improve initial professional training and participate in vocational training; and seek new sources of funding for exchange of consulting, evaluation, study, control and monitoring services.