The Research Unit designated by "Sport, Health & Exercise Research Unit", hereinafter identified by SHERU is a RU with its greater focus in the field of Sports Sciences with a deep connection to Physical Activity and Exercise in a logic of active contribution to the increase of Wellness. This
focus is associated with the Health Sciences, which will be the other perspective whose association can achieve high levels of specific and applied research and development results. This relationship has the double and contradictory will to focus its activities in a very specific area but to cover its most varied directions in which it can materialize, either through applied research to various activities, experimentation, testing and production or development of new applications and equipment, or simply the involvement and encouragement of students to participate in the R & D projects and activities that the Unit engages in and the training activities in Sports and Physical Activity offered by the Sports and Health courses of the Polytechnic Institute of Castelo Branco.